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Common Questions From Our Clients

How do I make an appointment?

All of our artists use tattoo forms to book their appointments and everything is done online! If our artists' books are closed you can join their email list to be sent a tattoo request form when they begin booking again! If you have more questions that are not answered on our "Booking Info" page, please email your artist directly or call our shop during shop hours (10am-6pm).

Do I have to leave a deposit for my appointment?

In order to book an appointment, you must leave a nonrefundable deposit. The deposits come out of the total cost of the tattoo in the end.

What do I need to bring to get tattooed?

You need to bring a photo ID (license, passport, military, etc.)

No expired IDs will be accepted. 

How old do I need to be to get tattooed?

Our shop only tattoos people who are 18+.

How do I book a consultation and when do I see my design?

We currently do not offer any in-person consultations. Our artists all use tattoo forms to get all of the information needed for your design. From that information, we are able to create your one of a kind piece. All designs are drawn the week of or day of a scheduled appointment. No design will be sent out ahead of time. All artists leave time in the beginning of the appointment to make any changes that you would like!

Can I use numbing cream for my tattoo?

Due to recent FDA findings, We no longer allow the use of any topical numbing cream products during tattoo sessions. Sorry if this is an inconvenience, however, client safety is our priority.

Do you sell all the aftercare products I’ll need?

We do not currently sell aftercare products at our studio. However, please refer to our "Aftercare" page for a list of all of our recommended products and where you can find them.

Do you take walk ins?

Yes! Please contact our shop directly during business hours to check our walk in availability!

(609) 478 - 6628

How much will my tattoo cost & is there a shop minimum?

Charging for a tattoo is determined by either the artist's hourly rate for larger pieces or by size, detail, color and location. Ask your artist for a rough estimate! Our shop minimum is $150.

Can I bring guests to my appointment with me?

Each client is allowed ONE guest to accompany them during their tattoo appointment. 

Do you sell gift certificates?

We do not sell gift certificates as we cannot guarantee an appointment with our artists with how they do their bookings. 

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